Charlotte Ray Janowski


I am a artist, performer, and creative director of a performance art troupe. I create primal masks based on archetypes in services of helping people heal trauma . The head adornments represent states of consciousness. I photograph, film, and create performances with dancers of all modalities. I explore the use of the masks as tools for processing the psychological trauma through physical movement. The masks allow the anonymity to explore hidden or frozen self-states, in service of creating new narratives. I use these physical works of art as beacons. The sculpture-skin facilitates the experience of shapeshifting by causing the performer to forget the flesh. This ritual object makes space for the self-essence to emerge, and for the trauma survivor to begin to explore freedom from beneath the safety of a protective headpiece. The mask beings are Psychopomps, ferrying souls through life transitions. They are protective guardians like presiding deities depicted around the edges of Buddhist mandala paintings; who form a protective barrier for the practitioners psychic exploration and transformation. Currently my work is focusing on different autobiographical selves, neuroplasticity, PTSD, somato-emotional release, spiritual kintsugi, bharatanatyum for mind-body connection, and deity worship.

My sculptures are clairvoyant explorations, a type of seeing without eyes, perceiving instead with the mind's eye. The costumes and masks are spirit-suits. I use symbolic language of form, color, and texture to articulate textured emotional experiences and visualization of psychic language between beings. Form studies are collected from visual research of world folk and tribal cultures, especially cultures involving channeling, spirit possession, and deity worship. My heritage is slavic, therefore my work seems to mimic Ukrainian festival headpieces, however unintentionally. I work from hypnogogic, lucid dream, and trance states to create these works of art.