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For her 2016 collection, the designer explores myth & archetypal-inspired dreams through fashion design. Based on a Russian swamp deity known as Kikimora who is associated with thread and weaving. Kikimora is also a trickster, heyoka, harlequin, night spirit, shapeshifter. Constructed from sketches and completely natural fiber materials including bamboo, cotton, hemp, jersey, and, wool; this is the new exploration of her emerging clothing aesthetic.

"Kikimora is an ancient Slavic deity, a dark one. So she comes from the unconscious shadow self, she is kind of a prankster spirit. What she has to reveal about you is probably really unpleasant for the conscious mind. If water represents the unconscious the swampland is the really murky stuff. She is known as a spirit who likes to sew and weave. She maybe even an ancestral, genetic spirit inside you. She is a dark spirit, a devious one." - Maria Pougatcheva

Shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Andromia