Charlotte Ray Janowski

Charlotte Janowski is originally a Boston based artist, now living and studying Bharatanatyam in Boulder, CO under her guru Laurissa Vibhuti. She is a fine artist and creative director of the performance troupe Psychopomps. She is known for creating primal yet otherworldly masks based on merged-archetypes. She creates performances with dancers of all modalities. The work explores the use of the masks as tools for awareness. They allow the anonymity to explore uncharted self-states, in service of creating new narratives. The artist uses these sculpture-skins to facilitates the experience of shapeshifting, causing one to forget their identity/story in service of multiple re-births. This ritual object makes space for the spirit-essence to emerge; and for expanded embodiment. The mask beings are Psychopomps, anthropomorphic beings of funerary arts. They are protective guardians like presiding deities depicted around the edges of Buddhist thangka paintings; who form a barrier for the practitioners psychic exploration. To witness them; the sculpture-abstractions are a physical manifestation of the performance-art version of the Rorschach test.