MASKS > The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Spider arms drooped with webbed thoughts, clustered by bells that ring quietly.
Casted by darkness, she is veiled by her many faces.
Slowly, she rises from her mudded clustering bitterness, into the infinite power.
Within this poison, she finds her need for purity.
Shedding the shell to emerge from the murky water, into clarity.
Firey passion burns her blood, fueling her unwinding desire, rippling from all directions.
Spiraling in her energetic field of consciousness, she realizes no borders exist.
The limits extend as far as her awareness, no longer blinded from this glimmering light that shone through darkness.
She recognizes this monster, claiming it for the fuel of her burning heart, cooling the boil to a simmer.
Steadily, she spins her winding web, structured by pattern, ebbed with flow.
Reaching, searching for something beyond herself she begins to see the infinite.
She recognizes within this nothingness and stillness all things rise.
No longer identified with her physical form, she is free.
A new dimension is revealed, allowing her to dance with eternity.

-Claire Elyse Cooley